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About the Festival

Welcome to VishwaRang International Film Festival (VIFF 2020). A festival specially designed to celebrate the essence of cinema through the young and vibrant voices, passionate filmmakers, committed artists from around the world. This is the first year of the film festival which will be celebrated with the audiences of various countries of the world. Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the inaugural festival will be on-line and will be showcased via various social-media platforms and dedicated VishwaRang Channel. With the power of the widespread reach of the VishwaRang network and thousands of participatory artists, the festival will cherish the power of words-visual-sound to celebrate the magic of cinema.

If you are the one who think creativity never stops like the life, this is the platform to showcase your talent. Be a part of the global community of artists. Make your film. And submit. Let the world see the magic of ideas and dreams. Let the world watch your imaginations. Let the world see the cinema you speak from your heart.

Get, set, go! Submit your films, now!



consist the core team of film festival or the team who conceptualize, direct, ideate in choosing the films, categorization, planning


the functioning team responsible for execution related to daily work, maintaining the entries, calling, letters and other material co-ordination, tracking or similar stuff


The jury committee will comprise of eminent arts & film personalities who will assess the entries.


  • 1. There will be three categories: Competitive, Non-competitive (independent), Invited

  • 2. Film makers have to choose from the following themes (competition section) –

  • i) Art & Culture (based on literature, literary writer, poem, play, book, music, dance or any arts and cultural subject)

  • ii) Science & Technology

  • iii) Nature & Wildlife

  • 3. Films can be either Short narrative or documentary either fresh or made after 1st January 2018

  • 4. Non-competitive or Independent films can be on any theme made after 1st January 2018. Including the films that have participated in any other film festivals. Filmmaker has to specify that film is out of above-mentioned specified categories in the submission form. Filmmaker may be asked to submit relevant documents for the year of production for the film.

  • 5. Submitted films can be maximum of 20 Min.

  • 6. The invited films will be especially curated/invited films by festival team.

  • Note: Please read all the rules and regulations carefully, before submission.


  • Only selected winning films will be showcased in the festival. The scheduled program will be finalized and updated
    on the website of VIFF separately.

  • 1st Best Short Film
    VIFF Platinum Prize - Rs. 51,000/- + Trophy + Certificate + Laurel

  • 2nd Best Short Film
    VIFF Golden Prize - Rs. 31,000/- + Trophy + Certificate + Laurel

  • 3rd Best Short Film
    VIFF Silver Prize - Rs. 21,000/- + Trophy + Certificate+ Laurel

  • All the other showcased films will be awarded by Trophy + Certificate


VIFF 2020 Official Selection

Competition Category / (प्रतियोगिता खंड)

1. Sondhayni
Dir: Seral Murmu
नि.- सेराल मूर्मु

2. The Celluloid Woman
Dir: Anantha Krishnan
द सेल्यूलॉइड वूमन 
नि. अनंत कृष्णन

3. Anti Hero
Dir: Sidhu Das
एन्टी हीरो  
नि. सिद्धू दास 

4. Gond Art
Dir: Anushtha Agrawal/Pranjal joshi
गोंड आर्ट  
नि. अनुष्ठा अग्रवाल, प्रांजल जोशी

5. Pirana
Dir: Nainisha Dedhia
नि. – नैनीशा डेढिया

6. The White Sheets
Dir: Pandeli Ceco
द व्हाइट शीट्स 
नि – पैंडेली कैको

Non-Competition Section / (गैर-प्रतियोगिता खंड)

1. Dusky Beauty
Dir: Aastha Agrawal
डस्की ब्यूटी 
नि. आस्था अग्रवाल

2. Zari Wala Aasman
Dir: Aasif Moyal
ज़री वाला आसमान 
नि. आसिफ़ मोयाल

3. Vincent Before Noon
Dir: Guillaume Mainguet
विन्सेंट बिफोर नून 
नि. - गुएम मैंगुए

4. Prashna
Dir: Santosh Ram
नि. - संतोष राम 

5. By The Window
Dir: Madhura Dalimbkar
बाय दी विंडो 
(भारत/शॉर्ट/हिन्दी/अंग्रेज़ी) नि. मधुरा डालिम्बकर

6. Rukhsana
Dir: Muhammad Zorjis
नि. – मुहम्मद जॉर्जिस  

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Last Date for Submission 5 November, 2020

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